The Tunnel Marathon 2024


Many of you will know that the last couple of years we have travelled to Germany to run the kristalmarathon,, a marathon held underground in a working salt mine and have really wanted to bring the expericence to the UK.  We have finally found a venue so the UK’s first fully underground marathon is finally going ahead.

30th November

Headtorch and cycle helmet Mandotary


UCAP BUNKER is based just 2 miles north of Portsmouth, 100ft underground in the former U.G.H.Q (Underground HQ) used by the Royal Navy to plot the progress of the allied troops during the invasion of Normandy on D-Day. This unique location provides some of the finest facilities for Airsoft close quarter battle (C.Q.B) in the UK, so good the military borrow it off us to train in! 

The nearest postcode is: PO17 6AR ..



The Route will use several tunnels some of which are 6ft tall so there will be some stooping during some sections for you taller people,

These will be about 20m sections but as it will be lapped they will be often. TALL PEOPLE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, NO MOANING AFTERWARDS. 

Entry opens soon.