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The Sussex Border Path Race

We intend to set up a solo race along the inland route of The Sussex Border Path Race. This will be in the style of a round like the Bob Graham or Ramsay rounds. We shall run it first probably in early 2015 than set a leaderboard for FKT’s ( Fastest Known Times).

The route will be west to east, Thorney island to Rye 222km (138miles). We shall not include the Mid Sussex Path down to Brighton.

A great reference is the Sussexborderpath site with detailed instructions of the path, even so we recommend a recce of the route as we have run several parts of it and it is quite a navigational process in places. Please also leave some comments or donate a something to the website authors as this is obviously a labour of love for them.

We shall set up a few rules nearer the time and will hopefully work on some sort of buckle for all finishers.

Please email us if you intend to run the route..