Compressport Calf Guards R2V2


This revolutionary compression calf sleeve lives up to what  you can expect from  compression apparel when heading off for such extreme sports as long distance trails, triathlon and mountain climbing.

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Product Description

The CALF R2V2 compression sleeves by COMPRESSPORT allow supporting you muscles in many ways. Thanks to the compression effect, your lactate buildup can be reduced so that your muscles can regenerate faster. Convince yourself!

• compression sleeves made of fast-drying functional material
• MASSAGING FIBRE – the material can massage your muscles with every movement for more wellbeing and lightness
• D TOX – contributes to a reduction of the lactate accumulation and the buildup of toxins in the calf muscles
• RECOVERY – you can reduce muscle pain and lactate buildup by wearing the compression calves after sports at home, too
• ANTI FATIGUE – the slightly shock- and vibration-absorbing effect can lead to a higher resilience of the muscles
• ULTRALIGHT – the material does not absorb moisture and remains thus light and dry in all conditions
• ULTRARESIST – particularly resilient
• SHOCK ABSORBER – the seamless finish helps to reduce pressure waves which act on the muscles, joints and veins
• K-PROTECT – ergonomic strap at the upper border can support the Patellar tendon and reduce influencing vibrations and shocks on the Patellar tendon

Material: 50% polyamide, 26% polyester, 24% elastane

Manufacturer’s ref.: 024 001

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