Compressport Trail running shirt V2


You’ll get hooked on that feeling of freedom!
Highly technical, the Trail Running Shirt V2 allows you to go running or training in completely lightweight clothing. Ultra distance lovers will never be too hot or too cold. Thanks to the new pockets, fans of short distances can leave without their Backpack

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Product Description

Our new Trail Running range has been developed with more technologies, more efficient fibres and clever

Designed in seamless micro-fibre, our Trail Running tops will give you unique ergonomic support during the effort.

Its postural 3D helps you to keep a correct and straight position. All shirts incorporate our new OnOff Ventil’action fibre. The OnOff fibre automatically increases oxygenation during intense effort by opening its thousands of alveoli. By closing its alveoli, the OnOff Ventil’action fibre protects you from cold and muscular oscillations during descents.

Your comfort is guaranteed. You will do climbs and descents one after the other, with the feeling of being coached for higher performance.

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