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Marathon madness returns on June 21 -25 2021 we have had the all clear from Worthing Borough council but not Brighton so in order to get the event up and running ( Pun intended ) we have decided to just do the 5 day option.




Marathon Madness

Finally the opportunity to run   5 in 5 marathons and 3 in 3 marathons in June 2021 21st to 25th)

Most multiple marathons are either a fair distance away and in the day time meaning you have to travel and take the week off work.

So we thought why not do a  5 in 5 and 3 in 3 in the evening 6-12 PM .

Plus a half marathon option.

7 different locations 2 Trail 5 footpath

50 spaces per race

Headtorches will be necessary

Bespoke Hoodie to all 5 in 5 and 3 in 3 finishers

Official permitted events 100 marathon club recognized


5 in 5 Marathon £150, Half Option £100

3 in 3 Marathon Mon – Wed £90, Half option £60

3 in 3 marathon   Wed –  Friday £90, Half Option £60

Single day entries £35


Day one, Worthing Promenade Marathon/ Half marathon




Starting at Splash point running the Worthing parkrun route, runners will run 3.28  miles west along the promenade and back 8 times. •

Starting at 6 PM

6 hour cut off

medal or Dog tag for each finisher


Individual entry Day 1, £35  and only 35 spaces


Day2 Goring Marathon/ Half marathon




Sea lane café , Marine Crescent, Worthing , race starts at green adjacent to sea lane café and will run  miles east towards Worthing and return 10 times.

There is ample parking and we apply for public toilet to be kept open

Starting at 6 PM

6 hour cut off

Medal or dog tag to each finisher

Race Day 2

Individual entry Day 2 £35 and only 35 spaces


.Day 3 Highdown hill Marathon/Half Marathon ( trail )



Highdown car park, the route will go from car park and use a circular route around Highdown Hill 10 times up to marathon distance,

we will apply for public toilets to be kept open. 

Starting at 6PM

Route Day 3

Individual entry Day 3 £35 and only 35 spaces


Day 4 The River Run Marathon/ Half Marathon (Trail) 


A run from Shoreham toll Bridge up the river and back down the Downslink

Starting at 6 PM

6 Hour cut off

Ample Free Parking



Day 5, Widewater Marathon/ Half Marathon



, Shoreham Beach starting at the car park at widewater lagoon the route will go  towards lancing Beach green where the runners will return and complete this 8 times up to marathon distance.

There is ample parking and will apply for toilets to stay open during in this event •

Starting 6 PM

6 Hour curt off

Film my run video of last years day 5





Only people who enter the official 5 and 3 races will be eligible for a Finishers Hoodie.


All races can be entered individually.

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