Marathon Madness

Watch this space for details about the opportunity to run 5 in 5 marathons and 3 in 3 marathons in June 2018 ( provisionally 25th to 29th)

Most multiple marathons are either a fair distance away and in the day time meaning you have to travel and take the week off work.

so we thought why not do a 5 in 5 in the evening 6-12 PM .

5 different locations

30 spaces

Bespoke Hoodie to all 5 in 5 finishers

£150 plus booking fee

Official permited events 100 marathon club recognised


The opportunity to run 3 in 3 marathons ( 25th to 27th June )

3 different locations

50 spaces

Bespoke Hoodie to all 3 in 3  finishers

In the evening 6-12 PM

£100 plus booking fee